Coronavirus (586) Peter Piot: "˜Finally, a virus got me." Scientist who fought Ebola and HIV reflects on facing death from COVID-19 - Science Magazine

11 May, 2020

Many members will be familiar with Professor Piot's name - and quite a few have probably worked with him at some point during their career. He is currently director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Here, he gives a very honest account of having had - and his ongoing recovery from - Covid-19. As a world-leading virologist, he must have had a different perspective from most.

Here is one extract from the article:

"I have always had great respect for viruses, and that has not diminished. I have devoted much of my life to the fight against the AIDS virus. It’s such a clever thing; it evades everything we do to block it. Now that I have felt the compelling presence of a virus in my body myself, I look at viruses differently. I realize this one will change my life, despite the confrontational experiences I’ve had with viruses before. I feel more vulnerable."

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