Coronavirus (772) Questions about COVID-19

24 June, 2020

Hi Everyone,I hope you are all keeping well!

I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask you all, in order to clarify current scientific knowledge and understanding, specifically in terms of covid 19.

I would welcome your opinions, with a view to delivering 'best practice' guidelines for all, as someone who has worked delivering AIDS education, in schools across the UK..

So, my questions are -

*What is our current understanding of the role of faecal/oral transmission of covid 19, given, for example, recent studies of the sewage system in Italy, demonstrating it's presence in autumn 2019. Also given the high number of viruses which use this means of transmission.

*What is our current understanding/risk assessment, of the issue of exposure to blood products of other species - given the high number of infections worldwide, linked to meat processing, and that any blood to blood contact significantly increases risk of transmission.

*Given that kidney and liver damage are now presenting as causes of death, perhaps we should review home-care advice for patients, given the proven over use of over the counter pain meds, before covid 19 was identified as a risk factor. Discuss. What helps as primary intervention for patient s at home, to reduce their need for A+E admission?

Best Wishes, Love, and Let's Sort This Out,

Fiona branson

HIFA profile: Fiona Branson is director of a therapeutic/educative theatre company, NutCase Theatre Limited, UK. Professional interests include the promotion of education, equality and understanding worldwide. Theatre, music, art, human rights. fiona.branson AT