Coronavirus (789) Weekly update no.12 - Evidence Aid COVID-19 project

2 July, 2020

Dear Friends (with apologies for any cross-posting),

Here is the twelfth weekly update on our COVID-19 project.

We passed not one but two huge milestones this week; we have reached over 100,000 people worldwide with our online COVID-19 resources and we have also published our 300th English language summary (over 2,000 summaries having now been published in all 7 languages). Some 48% of users over the total project period are now from our target constituency in Lower- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), while qualitative indicators of engagement with the website (length of time on the site, return visits) are also improving.

Thanks to all of you who have helped Evidence Aid achieve these results! Please keep the feedback on the website coming (

Evidence Aid COVID-19 Weekly Bulletin

Report covering 7 days to 30th June 2020 -

Systematic review summaries

320 summaries on the website in total (34 added in this period); 86 summaries in progress;


300 in Arabic; 267 in Chinese (simplified); 264 in Chinese (traditional); 267 in French; 32 in Italian; 296 in Portuguese; 300 in Spanish;

Literature searches

0 searches completed in this period; 1 searches in progress;


A total of 64 amazing volunteers (38 summary writers; 10 screeners; 15 information specialists/librarians) from 15 countries;

Digital engagement

Web traffic has continued to rise sharply this week, driven by our Twitter English-language campaign (we will focus on French language in the coming week). 22,212 people have used the Evidence website in this 7-day period (a 170% increase on the previous week for a total of 103,794 users since we started collecting data in mid-March). The summary with most views this week is Shoe soles as a vector for pathogen transmission, reflecting its popularity on Twitter. This was followed by D-dimer levels associated with severity of COVID-19 in Arabic (last week’s top-scorer) and by N95 respirators and surgical masks (in English, rather than Arabic). Our number of Twitter followers now stands at 5,101 (up 1,318 in June).


We are grateful to Twitter, who have granted us substantial pro-bono advertising allowing us to run the campaign described above. Among others, we are collaborating with WHO, Public Health England, PAHO, Queen’s University Belfast, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland, Cochrane, Campbell, Translators Without Borders, Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative, the Irish Global Health Network, Health Service Executive Ireland, McMaster University (COVID-END) and Oxford PharmaGenesis. Evidence Aid are supported by H2H, with funding from UK Aid, and by a core grant from Oxford PharmaGenesis.

Best wishes,


Ben Heaven Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

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