Coronavirus (793) COVID-19 & the Importance of Public Information and Education in Primary Care

2 July, 2020

** 8th IPCRG Clinical Practice Webinar & Abstract Presentations

Presenters: Sundeep Salvi, India & Javiera Corbalán, Chile

Saturday 4 July 2020, 1500-1700hrs BST

On Saturday 4 July we will hold the final webinar in the current IPCRG series and one which is highly relevant to HIFA colleagues. This webinar will cover COVID-19 & the Importance of Public Information and Education in Primary Care and we are delighted to welcome two IPCRG colleagues, Sundeep Salvi from India & Javiera Corbalán from Chile, who will share their experiences.

Sundeep trained as a pulmonologist and is the Director of Pulmocare Research and Education Foundation (PURE), based in Pune.

Javiera is a family physician and family physician teacher, working in a paediatric emergency department and at the Universidad Austral de Chile. She has also advised the health ministry on primary respiratory care.

Both our presenters are speaking from countries tackling significant COVID-19 problems and we are grateful to them for taking the time to share their knowledge and experience with the IPCRG community. They will each present their country’s perspective on the main public information/education challenges for primary care and public health including: managing misinformation; role of social media; political versus health decisions; best practices; and recommendations for primary care when dealing with individual patients and populations. Between them, they will give an update on key topics such as public information on symptoms, physical distancing, hand washing and masks. We invite attendees to share their experiences, evidence and questions.

These presentations will be followed by six of the most highly ranked abstracts previously selected for presentation at 10th IPCRG World Conference, due to have been held in Dublin earlier this year. These webinars are enabling researchers to share their work with you, an international audience, whilst gaining important peer review that otherwise might have been missed during the current pandemic.

So please join us by registering at:

Programme, Saturday 4 July 2020

Timing BST

1500-1505 Welcome Janwillem Kocks, President-Elect IPCRG

1505-1520 Plenary Session 1 COVID-19 & the Importance of Public Information and Education in Primary Care: The Indian experience, and an update on physical distancing, handwashing and masks Presenter: Sundeep Salvi, India.

1520-1535 Plenary Session 2 COVID-19 & the Importance of Public Information and Education in Primary Care: The Chilean experience, and an update on information about symptoms and testing Presenter: Javiera Corbalán, Chile.

1535-1550 Discussion with Q&A

Video & Comfort Break

Oral Abstracts

1600-1610 1. Ademgenoot � A serious game to motivate and empower asthma patients in adherence to their maintenance medication: A user-centered design study Charlotte Poot, The Netherlands

1610-1620 2. Virtual Home-Based Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme for COPD Patients Cathy Gillen, Ireland

1620-1630 3. Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Malek Chaabouni, Tunisia

1630-1640 4. Chronic respiratory disease (CRD) surveys in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs): A systematic scoping review of methodologies and outcomes Nik Sherina Hanafi, Malaysia

1640-1650 5. Development and validation of reference equations for lung function in healthy Sri Lankan Tamils Mathanki Sooriyakanthan, Sri Lanka

1650-1700 6. Assessing feasibility of methods to estimate cost of illness of COPD in western rural India Ankita Shrivastava, India

1700-1705 Close Janwillem Kocks, President-Elect IPCRG

We are grateful to AstraZeneca for their support for the organisation of this webinar. The IPCRG is solely responsible for selecting and briefing the presenters; the abstract presenters have been peer reviewed and are presenting their original research.

All resources from previous IPCRG webinars, including the presentations and session recordings, can be found by following the links below:

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6 June COVID-19 & the ( Primary Care Management of Asthma ( Presenters: Dermot Nolan, Ireland & Alan Kaplan, Canada

13 June COVID-19 & the Challenges of Diagnosing Asthma in Primary Care ( Presenters: Luke Daines, UK & Jim Stout, USA

20 June COVID-19 & Diagnosis and Management of COPD in Primary Care ( Presenters: Hilary Pinnock & Vince Mak, UK

27 June The Impact of Nicotine & Smoking in COVID-19 & Chronic Respiratory Diseases (Asthma & COPD): A Conversation & Case Study Discussion ( Presenters: Noel Baxter & Darush Attar-Zadeh, UK

IPCRG also has frequently updated resources on many aspects of COVID-19. These can be accessed by following this link: There are a wide variety of resources including:

* Expert Recommendations for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Infections in Primary Care (First Edition)

* Handbook on COVID-19 Infection, Prevention and Control in Communities: Compiled and published by the Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control of National Health Commission of People’s Republic of China

Now also available in Brazilian-Portuguese. Recomendações de especialistas para a prevenção e controle de infecções por COVID-19 na atenção primária (primeira edição)

Go to to find out more about the IPCRG, a charity working locally in primary care and collaborating globally to improve respiratory health so that we can achieve our vision of a global population breathing and feeling well through universal access to right care.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar on Saturday 4 July and on behalf of us all at IPCRG, we would like to thank you for supporting us over the past two months.

Keep well, stay safe.

Siân Williams & Ioanna Tsiligianni

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