Coronavirus (847) SABIN Vaccine Institute: Grants for research to increase vaccine acceptance in low- and middle-income countries

22 July, 2020

Dear HIFA colleagues,

There is an interesting call for proposals:

'The Social and Behavioral Interventions for Vaccination Acceptance Small Grants Program aims to identify promising social and behavioral research projects and pilot interventions for increasing vaccine acceptance in low- and middle-income countries. This program will fund novel research projects that both explore the social and behavioral factors affecting vaccine acceptance and use research findings to pilot intervention programs. Sabin is committed to advancing research in this area by awarding grants of $25,000 each to researchers in low- and middle-income countries who will combine rigorous research with robust intervention programs. In so doing, this program also fosters collaboration between academic researchers and national immunization program managers and health officials. The goal of the Small Grants Program is to generate these relationships and establish an invaluable feedback loop between academic research and immunization programs. By fostering these on-the-ground relationships, research findings can be operationalized to reform immunization program strategies and community outreach tactics, with the ultimate goal of increasing immunization uptake and eradicating preventable diseases globally. Additionally, grantees will have the opportunity to build relationships and have impactful conversations about ways forward for immunization acceptance with the interdisciplinary Vaccine Acceptance Research Network comprised of social scientists and public health experts addressing vaccine acceptance and demand challenges...'

HIFA does not have capacity to lead on research projects but we could be a junior partner with a research institute, where the institute would lead the research and HIFA would provide a discussion space for exploration of issues.

Best wishes, Neil

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