Coronavirus (912) Improving public health and social measures through risk communications

18 August, 2020

HIFA Country Representative of the Year (2019) Chibuike Alagboso and his colleague Patience Adejo have written a lead article for Nigeria Health Watch.

Extracts below. Full text here:


“I don’t believe there’s COVID-19.”

“I can’t be infected by COVID-19 because I’m young and have a strong immune system.”...

These are some of the responses you might get when engaging with Nigerians about the COVID-19. Some Nigerians think it’s a hoax while some believe they cannot be infected because of different reasons as shown in this survey by EpiAFRIC and NOI Polls. [...]

Panelist Mrs Moji Makanjuola buttressed the role of journalists and media organisations during disease outbreaks to help inform and educate the public. She shared her experience as Chief Executive Officer of the International Society of Media in Public Health (ISMPH) and the organisation’s efforts to train journalists and equip them with skills to deliver on their roles. She highlighted the media’s integral role in containing the pandemic and delivering a 21st century health sector that works for all Nigerians. She reiterated that journalists and media organisations must see their work as a social responsibility and execute it with every sense of responsibility by not politicising issues but rather sharing facts. This way, they can help increase public confidence and adherence to PHSMs which will help contain the spread of the virus...

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