Coronavirus (928) CORE Group: Home-Based Care Reference Guide for COVID-19

21 August, 2020

CORE Group 'convenes global community health professionals to share knowledge, evidence, and best practices, and then translates these practices into the real world with a direct impact'. 'This home-based care guide has been put together by a group of partners working collectively, globally, as the Home-based Care CORE Group working group. Partners include: World Vision, Curamericas Global, Food for the Hungry, Hesperian Health Guides, Relief International, PATH, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Save the Children, Nutrition International, IMA World Health, RTI.'

The guide refers to the WHO Publication, March 17 2020. Home care for patients with COVID-19 presenting with mild symptoms and management of their contact. Available at

'This guide provides recommendations to nonprofits, the Red Cross Red Crescent network, and community organizations who are designing programs and materials in response to COVID-19 in low- and middleincome countries. This guide was designed as a supplemental tool for organizations who coordinate community-based education and support for COVID-19 prevention and response and/or who work specifically with community health workers (CHWs) (including trained community health volunteers) to reach households with one-on-one counselling and information...'

Comment (NPW): An unusual feature of the guide is that the text does not seem to refer to specific references. Rather, the 'references' are given as an unnumbered list of publications. The implication is that these publications were used for the purpose of developing the guide, but it's not possible to see which parts are informed by which reference. Apart from this small quibble, the guide looks highly practical as one would expect from a collaboration of the above organisations.

It would be interesting to learn more about the relative roles of the WHO and CORE Group guides, the extent to which they are translated in other languages, and the breadth of their distribution and use.

Best wishes, Neil

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