Coronavirus (940) Misinformation “Super-Spreaders” Thrive on Facebook (2)

23 August, 2020

Hi Neil,

This is just the 'tip of the iceberg' that I can elicit after reading your post. The problem is highly deep rooted and is associated with the masses online literacy, as well. In the past decade, when the internet was made available at cheaper prices by the telecom industries no one was ever taught how to use this wisely!! Everyone was lured and just rushed towards going online and sharing their personal information either its teenagers, adults or anyone. It's not the story of one social media platform, it's rampant everywhere. As a parent, when we gave our child access to the computer and internet, did we have a discussion on Do's and Don'ts of using it? How many actually had a meaningful conversation is the real concern.

Now, it's like an explosion of the problem due to our negligence.

Technology is always a tool in the user's hand. I had written a small piece on the responsible use of the internet. Hope it will add value to the ongoing discussion. The article can be accessed at:

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