Coronavirus (942) Definition of infodemic (22)

24 August, 2020

A definition of a concept is linked to the use we are doing of this concept. If one is a commentator or a spectator of the COVID-19 epidemic, the definition of infodemic can include correct and misleading information, why not? However, if one is an actor of the fight against the epidemic such a definition of infodemic is not particularly useful. If we are working in Public Health or health communication, we need to separate accurate information from misleading information to understand the latter and try and figure out the best ways to counter it.

We will never be able to stop the increasing volume of accurate information and I am not sure it would be desirable. We will not, either be able to stop the circulation of fake news, misinterpretation of scientific results and conspiracy theories, but we can think about ways to help people analyze and not believe them.

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