Coronavirus (953) African Journal of Reproductive Health - special issue on COVID-19

27 August, 2020

Dear HIFA colleagues,

The latest issue of the African Journal of Reproductive Health is a special issue on COVID-19 and is now available here:

It starts with an editorial:

CITATION: Friday Okonofua, Karl Eimuhi, Akhere Omonkhua, Joseph Balogun

COVID-19: Addressing Health Systems Deficits and Peculiarities in the African Region

African Journal of Reproductive Health June 2020 (Special Edition on COVID-19); 24 (2):11

'A fourth and final challenge identified for COVID-19 in the articles published in this edition of the AJRH is the current lack of fidelity and trust among Africans about the virus and the preventative strategies known to curtail the spread of the virus...'

'The paper by Lee et al in this edition of the journal provides empirical data to substantiate the lack of trust of health systems among African populations as compared to other parts of the world. It presented a cross-sectional study comparing trust levels in health recommendations for COVID-19 between respondents in Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and South Korea. The study revealed that trust levels were three times higher in DRC than in Ethiopia, and 29 times higher in South Korea than in Ethiopia. The paper recommended a need for rapid scaling of health education, information, and practices in the two African populations studied. Indeed, we believe that strategies to curtail the spread of the virus in Africa must include sustained efforts to disseminate accurate information, eliminate skepticism, and build community understanding.'

CITATION: Hocheol Lee1, Seok Jun Moon, Grace Ossak Ndombi, Kyeong-Na Kim, Haftu Berhe, and Eun Woo Nam

COVID-19 Perception, Knowledge, and Preventive Practice: Comparison between South Korea, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of Congo

African Journal of Reproductive Health June 2020 (Special Edition on COVID-19); 24[2]:66-77).

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