Coronavirus (961) Mental Health and COVID-19

31 August, 2020

SARS-CoV-2 keeps the world in suspense. The consequences of the current pandemic go beyond the clinical features of COVID-19. Fear and anxiety about the new disease, as well as changes of everyday life, including social isolation, restriction of movement, job insecurity, may be stressful for adults and children alike. In addition, mental health conditions may worsen through this increase in stress and/or lack of access to therapy. Maintaining good Mental Health is therefore a prerequisite for public health. Special considerations need to be payed to vulnerable groups, such as children or people with mental health preconditions, and certain settings, such humanitarian emergencies. Digital solutions may be a handy support for carers and patients

The MEDBOX Team has published a new Issue Brief "Mental health & COVID-19"

that gives a short overview of the most important resources and information available in the COVID-19 toolbox

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Sieglinde Mauder

MEDBOX Project Lead

HIFA profile: Sieglinde Mauder is Librarian at the Medical Mission Institute, Würzburg, Germany. She collects and distributes resources on HIV/AIDS, tropical diseases, humanitarian aid, health service management, e-learning for partners in developing countries. sieglinde.mauder AT