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31 August, 2020

Dear Richard and All, [in response to ]

In reference to Donabedian's approach "Structure, Processes and Outcomes" and your thoughts on information analysis.

As you explain across various elements of health you provide encouragement for my pursuing Hodges' model as a means to provide a high-level overarching frame for health care (individual, population and global).

Hodges' model can readily incorporate Maslow's hierachy and incorporates from the outset the 'individual' and the group - population (collective).

Safety, as in my personal safety and ability and mental capacity to attend to this; but also the State's ability to provide security (and justice) as per the SDGs.

The inclusion of 'humanistic' and 'mechanistic' in Hodges' model invites consideration of qualitative factors - self-esteem, love, belonging, society and 'structure' and 'process' across multiple contexts - scientific - social ('hard' sciences - 'soft' humanities).

Individual and group psychology - and how 'power' is exercised. Of particular interest is the 'tension' between the intra- interpersonal and political domains of Hodges' model with regard to mental health and mental health law.

Technology - as a tool - for benefit or malign purposes - I continue the stress the need for SOCIO-technical approaches.

As per my recent reply - information and communications theory can also be utilised.

Business, corporations and the shift to ESG, climate change, International law, politics, geopsychiatry (refugees, migration, trauma - conflict ...) can also be encompassed by Hodges' model which is *situated*.

The blog includes examples and highlights the scope of the model with a template in the side-bar:

(Hopefully!) A two-part draft paper will be presented next July at UCL, London, UK on Hodges' model, Liberty Protection Safeguards and Threshold Concepts:

[Donabedian, A. (1966). Evaluating the Quality of Medical Care. The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, 44(3), 166-206. doi:10.2307/3348969]

Kind regards,

Peter Jones

Community Mental Health Nurse, Tutor & Researcher

Blogging at "Welcome to the QUAD"

HIFA profile: Peter Jones is a Community Mental Health Nurse with the NHS in NW England and a a part-time tutor at Bolton University. Peter champions a conceptual framework - Hodges' model - that can be used to facilitate personal and group reflection and holistic / integrated care. A bibliography is provided at the blog 'Welcome to the QUAD' ( h2cmuk AT