Coronavirus (971) Effect of intermittent Lockdown in containing the spread of the tranamission of COVID Virus

7 September, 2020

Dear All,

India is now the second most affected country in CORONA pandemic, surpassing Brazil. India, reported more than 4milioon cases cumulatively, since the pandemic started, and reporting of 90,632 people being affected in a single, the highest in a single day.

In the state of West Bengal, the no. new cases, as reported, is 3087.

To combat the spread of the epidemic , the state of West Bengal, is initiating lock down intermittently, such for today only , again on 11th and 12th September, for consecutive two days.

I would like to know if imposing such intermittent lock down has any effect on the spread of coronavirus, and, if, how? Is there any epidemiological rationale supported by epidemiological modelling ?


Dr. TusharKanti Dey


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