Coronavirus (984) Staying Safe from Covid19 – a new self-help guide from Speaking Books

17 September, 2020

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HIFA profile: Arielle Nylander is senior policy advisor on global health at the British Medical Association, London, UK.

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A new Speaking Book is available on the topic of COVID19, we encourage you to use it in your organisation or forward it to communities that could use it.

More information about the Speaking books project on the WMA website. <

Full information on the project from the Speaking Books newsletter:

Staying Safe from Covid19 – a new self help guide from Speaking Books

No one is safe from Covid 19 - But for Low Literacy and Disadvantaged Communities the risk is far far greater

That is why we at Speaking Books together with SADAG, Africa's largest mental health group, support from Dr Reddy's and with the endorsement of the World Medical Association, have funded our own initiative to create a health care educational tool that will speak to communities in their own language on how they can take precautions to stay safe and reduce the devastating effects of this pandemic

Click Here < if you would like to print out the complete Speaking Book

This Speaking Book: Staying Safe From Covid-19 created for South Africa written and recorded in English and Xhosa is a limited edition to demonstrate what is possible for mass distribution, not just in South Africa, but for any country, in any other languages, and to your specific design.

UNICEF has already made arrangements to receive samples that can be shared with their in-country offices worldwide as an example of what can be created to meet their needs. Please contact us if you want to receive samples.

We can create exactly the same to meet the specific needs of your particular community. This book was written, recorded and illustrated in just 4 weeks, so we can react quickly to helping vulnerable communities

Just click on the image [link] below to see, read and hear how this Speaking Boo imparts important Covid-19 health care information, irrespective of the users ability to read.

3 ways to partner with Speaking Books

Speaking Books with a 15 year history of over 100 health care titles, in 40 languages and distributed to more than 35 countries working with major NGOs like UNICEF, Save The Children, Sesame Street, Catholic Relief Services, The EU, UNESCO, USAID, Rotary International, Government Health Departments and all the major pharmaceutical companies, is ideally placed to make a major contribution to increase awareness by providing life saving health care messaging. Speaking Books are always seen, read, heard and understood, irrespective of the user's ability to read.

We have identified 3 major areas for cooperation and possible partnership;

1 – Health Care Messaging to meet the educational needs of any country or community on how to stay safe from this dreadful pandemic

2 – Clinical Trials are essential for the testing and approval of vaccines to ensure their safety before any mass immunization. Speaking Books® endorsed by WMA has a well-established expertise in working with major pharmaceuticals and CROs in making Informed Consent possible for low literacy communities.

3 – Immunization Education. Once safe and effective vaccines have been approved, any mass immunization program is going to depend on educating local populations on why vaccines are safe and essential to prevent Covid19. Just as we have had great success working with UNICEF and Rotary International on the End Polio Now program, so we now believe we can reach entire communities to promote the safe use of the Covid19 vaccines when they become available.

Strategic Partnerships

The potential need for both Clinical Trial/Informed Consent followed by mass education to support immunization, is so great that we are now looking to work with several global partners that have the reach, commitment and resources to make this possible.

If this is something your organization would like to pursue, please contact Brian Julius.

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