Coronavirus (990) CDC Pulls Guidance on Airborne Transmission

22 September, 2020

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To scientists’ cheers, the CDC posted guidance Friday saying that aerosol transmission may be among the “most common” ways to catch COVID-19, NPR reports.

But by Monday, the update had been deleted.

The agency said the draft guidance had been posted in error and that recommendations are still being updated. The website once again focuses on spread between people in close contact through larger respiratory droplets—which is still widely believed to be the chief form of transmission.

Muddled messaging is always a problem, says Amesh Adalja of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, but in this case the draft language was confusing and did need editing, USA Today reports.

“There is data now that shows, in certain circumstances, the virus can possibly be spread when people cough or sing from more than 6 feet apart,” he said. “But is that how they are getting infected mostly? No. The main way is close contact with infected individuals.”

WHO reiterated its position Monday that aerosol transmission can't be ruled out in enclosed settings, Reuters reported.


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