Delivering Quality Health Services: a practical implementation guide (3)

13 January, 2020

Dear HIFA colleagues,

WHO has opened a consultation on the draft of its new publication 'Delivering Quality Health Services: a practical implementation guide'

You can read the draft here:

and provide feedback on the short survey here:

I have just submitted brief feedback and look forward to hear what your feedback is (if you are willing, of course).

My main comment is to applaud the inclusion of the third 'Guiding principle for system-wide efforts to improve quality', namely:

'3. Support health workers. Health workers often work in conditions that are difficult, underresourced and that hinder excellence. Systemic conditions – such as poor organization of care, unclear goals, wasteful rules, inadequate information flows – prevent health workers from carrying out their tasks successfully. Thus, a clear focus is required to support health workers.'

But what is missing is a description on *how* this might be done.

I would suggest this component should be prioritised and developed as a major new section in the text. The emphasis would be on the meeting the basic needs of all health workers to empower them to deliver the care for which they are trained. HIFA has described these as 'SEISMIC needs'

• Skills

• Equipment

• Information

• Systems

• Medicines

• Incentives

• Communication facilities.

Transparent indicators for each of these basic needs would be defined and monitored, with input from health workers themselves.


I look forward to hear your views on this or any other aspect of the publication.

Best wishes, Neil

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