DfID and FCO merger - will this affect access to health information? (6)

24 June, 2020

Dear colleagues,

Perhaps I have a simplistic view of this, but as I understand it, one of the reasons for the merger is to align aid with UK foreign policy.

My thoughts would be that we (HIFA) need to highlight why it's important for ALL countries, especially those that give most in aid for development, to consider health information, health promotion, and universal health care as essential to their development policies.

As Joseph highlights, Covid-19 has changed the landscape - it's shown only too well that "In a global health crisis, the world is only as strong as its weakest health system." (I refer back to a previous message with this in the title on another thread http://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/global-health-crisis-world-only-strong-i...)

Best wishes


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