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10 June, 2021

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The following recent posts from Knowledge SUCCESS are available for your family planning and reproductive health knowledge:

Empathways: Improving the Relationship Between Healthcare Providers and Young People

A major barrier to young people's access and use of family planning is mistrust. This new tool leads providers and young potential clients through a process that addresses this barrier by fostering empathy, creating opportunities to improve youth family planning service delivery.

Seven Lessons in Sustainability and Scalability for Digital Health Solutions

Recent updates to digital health case studies highlight ways programs have changed in the past decade, revealing insights on sustainability and scalability.

Family planning, reproductive health, and population census: How are they linked?

Have you ever wondered how, if at all, census and survey activities relate to family planning and reproductive health? They do, quite a bit. Census data helps countries make more informed decisions when distributing resources to their citizens. For family planning and reproductive health services, the accuracy of these data cannot be emphasized enough. We spoke to members of the United States (U.S.) Census Bureau's International Program, who shared how their program is helping countries around the world build capacity in census and survey activities.

Data is key for robust evidence-based decision making

For robust evidence-based decision making, data and statistics are essential. To ensure proper planning in reproductive health, the accuracy and availability of this data cannot be over emphasized. We spoke to Samuel Dupre, a statistician with the U.S. Census Bureau's International Program, and Mitali Sen, the International Program's Chief of Technical Assistance and Capacity Building, who shed light on how the U.S. Census Bureau is supporting data collection on reproductive health.


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