Ebook: Health Literacy in Clinical Practice and Public Health (3) Patient information

5 July, 2020

Hi Ana,

I appreciate the effort in putting together a booklet on Health Literacy. I also understand your challenges in monetizing the effort. However, the fact is that patients are not willing to pay for information. Keeping this in mind, we are working out a model such that patients get contextual reliable information, triggered by their visits to doctors. Patients get information at 3 levels - Based on the practice areas of the doctor, Dependent on the consultation and diagnosis, and Aligned to the prescription. We are rolling out the platform free to patients and doctors and we are expecting it to be financially covered by Pharma companies.

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You can expect further updates to RxIx in the weeks to come.

HIFA profile: Rameshwar is Co-founder of Bamboo Wellness Solutions LLP in India. Professional interests: Health literacy, Information therapy, Healthcare professional - Patient engagement. Email address: rameshwar AT healthyjio.in