EHS-COVID (263) Neurological and psychiatric outcomes in survivors of COVID-19

20 April, 2021

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Here is an interesting article I came across on The Lancet Psychiatry.

Numerous studies are ongoing and have already been done that prove that COVID-19, primarily being a respiratory disease, also has an impact on other organs over the long term even after the initial recovery from the virus. This Lancet study provides robust results supporting the same argument, performed over a period of six months. However, we need large scale, robust, and long term data to properly identify and quantify the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on brain health. Such information is required both to plan services and identify research priorities.


6-month neurological and psychiatric outcomes in 236 379 survivors of COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study using electronic health records

Maxime Taquet et al.

Published:April 06, 2021DOI:

Published on: The Lancet Psychiatry

Komal Kapoor

CMC Vellore

HIFA profile: Komal Kapoor is a recent graduate from the Christian Medical College, Vellore in BSc degree allied medical science course. Komal is currently a frontline covid health care worker in CMC Vellore. She is a HIFA catalyst and member of the HIFA working group on Maintaining essential health services during COVID.

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