EHS-COVID (264) Neurological and psychiatric outcomes in survivors of COVID-19 (2)

20 April, 2021

Many thanks for this paper, Komal. This has implications for our current discussion on maintaining essential health services. The authors conclude with the sentence: 'In summary, the present data show that COVID-19 is followed by significant rates of neurological and psychiatric diagnoses over the subsequent 6 months. Services need to be configured, and resourced, to deal with this anticipated need.'

This begs the question: How?

I invite HIFA members to comment on:

1. What is the impact of the pandemic on the delivery of neurological and psychiatric care generally in your country?

2. What has been done (or should be done) to maintain services in your country/facility?

3. How can health workers be better supported to address the increasing needs for neurological and psychiatric care among survivers of COVID-19? What guidance is available? Does it meet the information needs of health workers and survivors/families?

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,