EHS-COVID (28) Maintaining surgical services at a rural hospital (2)

11 November, 2020

Dear Jesudian Gnanaraj,

Thank you very much for sharing this comprehensive YouTube video from rural Jharkand in eastern India.

I am impressed by the precision and discipline of your protocols and engagement of all your staff members to ensure the smooth functioning of your hospital and to prevent spread of COVID, while acting as the COVID referral centre for the region. These measures helped ensure no infections among your staff and all COVID patients were discharged without infecting others.

This was achieved despite lack of resources, and I note in particular your production of locally made PPE (personal protective equipment), including equipment to reduce transmission during intubation.

You mentioned that a paper was attached but unfortunately HIFA does not carry attachments. Please do you have a link for the paper?

Congratulations on your achievement. I look forward to hear and learn from others on the front lines.

Best wishes, Neil

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,