EHS-COVID (285) Introduction: Jacinta Ijeoma Ekeh, Nigeria - Reproductive health

10 May, 2021

Am Jacinta Ijeoma Ekeh, a Country Representative from Nigeria. Am current a master's degree student of public health and international course in health development with track in sexual and reproductive health and right. HIFA have being a good source of information and I can't wait to join this 6 week discussion to learn more from colleagues and friends. [*see note below]

HIFA profile: Ekeh Ijeoma Jacinta is a family planning service provider with Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria. She has over 3 years working experience and is interested in reproductive health. She is a HIFA Country Representative.

Email: ijelink2003 AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Thank you Jacinta. I invite you (and others) to share your experience and observations on the provision of reproductive health services in Nigeria (and elsewhere). Has COVID-19 disrupted the provision of essential health services in your country or facility? What has been the impact of such disruptions on service delivery and health outcomes? What approaches have helped (or might help) to address these issues?]