EHS-COVID (290) Unethical health service delivery and erosion of public trust in India

11 May, 2021

Corona cases in India is increasing day by day. Fatality rate is also high.

In such national tragedy some people are behaving inhumanely and black marketing of Remdesivir and O2. Number of such people is negligible but it affect the moral of people. Similarly some Covid Hospital are charging exorbitantly, though the government has fixed the rate/charges but they do not adhere to the rule. Such hospital are very very few but due to their action medical doctor community is defame, many my medical and non medical friends are asking such question.

Hope in developed countries this is not the situation but in some developing and under developed countries situation is not good.

How we can as medical and non medical community do something which will help.

Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey, Ph.D

Peace Through Health

Indian Institute for Peace Disarmament & environmental Protection

HIFA profile: Balkrishna Kurvey is President of the Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection, Nagpur, India. Balkrishna is working for peace, human rights, disarmament, environmental protection as well as public education and awareness for cancer as well as other diseases with Association of Medical Women in India and many medical fraternity. We are involving medical fraternity in many issues in India. bkkurvey AT