EHS-COVID (31) Webinar: Overcoming the fear of using services during COVID

12 November, 2020

(with thanks to Sara Holtz)


Sounding the Alarm: Overcoming the fear of using services during COVID- CoP webinar

When Thu Nov 19, 2020 1pm - 2pm United Kingdom Time


Sounding the Alarm: Overcoming the fear of using facility-based maternal health services during COVID-19: Examples from Nepal and Pakistan

The Care-Seeking & Referral Community of Practice webinar on [DATE] at 8 a.m. EST will describe strategies taken in Nepal and Pakistan to overcome challenges and reservations women have accessing maternal and newborn health services during COVID-19 and why this is important. Several recent reports and articles have suggested that the number of women coming to facilities for antenatal care and delivery has decreased in many countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What should be done, and what is being done to address this issue? Two health providers will share their strategies.

A midwife from Pakistan will describe the experiences of midwives in a remote, high mountain, rural region and share strategies to assure women continue to have access to antenatal, delivery, and postpartum care. From Nepal we will hear about the impact on newborn outcomes of women not attending maternal care services. We will also hear about strategies to improve the quality of care for mothers and newborns, the importance of access to maternal services at facilities, and messages to the community to encourage women to access these facilities.


Welcome. Loveday Penn-Kekana, 5 min

Midwives & midwifery practice and education matters at the roof of the world in pandemic. Dr. Rafat Jan. 15 mn

Effect of COVID-19 pandemic response on intrapartum care and stillbirth and neonatal mortality outcomes in Nepal: prospective cohort observational study. Dr. Ashish K.C., 15 min

Discussion: Loveday. 25 min

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