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15 June, 2021

This is so true [*] and thanks for opening up this discussion.

I think COVID-19 in one way has shed the light on the ravaging impact of mental health problems particularly among developing countries which has long gone unnoticed. We found similar trend for high prevalence of mental health problems of depression, anxiety and stress among Bangladeshi residents during the COVID-19 pandemic

The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of mental health symptoms (anxiety, depression, and stress) in Bangladesh and the factors associated with these symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic. In our study published in Annals of global health

We found that about 64%, 87%, and 61% of the respondents in Bangladesh reported high levels of depression, anxiety, and stress, respectively and this varied between divisions (regions), more in women, those who self-quarantined, and those that experienced classical symptoms of COVID-19. We think there is a need for mental health support in this population to minimise the long term effects.

HIFA profile: Levi is a Researcher at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Professional interests: Ocular Health, Epidemiology, Population Health, and Diabetes. o_leviuche AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Levi refers to Sanchika Gupta, India: EHS-COVID (398) COVID-19 and mental health services (8) ]