EHS-COVID (408) Lancet: India's resurgence of COVID-19 - urgent actions needed

17 June, 2021

A comment on the resurgence of COVID-19 in India highlighting the need for urgent actions

India's resurgence of COVID-19: urgent actions needed

Published: May 25, 2021 The Lancet


Recommendations highlighted by the authors:

1) Decentralisation of essential helath services to provide autonomy and empowerment to district and state level systems for effective management of health services and pandemic response.

2) Transparency national pricing of essential health services and ensuring coverage of healthcare expenditure by insurance

3) Improve awareness and evidence based information among the genral public regarding various aspects of COVID-19 : availability of health services, vaccinations and impact the pandemic on non-COVID-19 health services

4) Measures to empower healthcare systems by increasing human resource and availability of personal protective equipment, vaccinations, medications, tele-health services, emphasis of quality of life and mental health support to decrease the burden faced by the healthcare workers due to the resurgence of COVID-19

5) Effective optimization of available vaccinations based on priority groups and centralised distribution of vaccines to minimise cross-state inequities in prices of vaccines.

6) Active community engagement and public participation to combat the prevalent 'pandemic fatigue' through dissemination of accurate information and promoting safety measures like vaccinations, social distancing and masking among the general public.

7) Providing equitable and secure access of healthcare data to government and non-governmental organisations would ensure continuous monitoring and improvements in current protocols and health care policies and is instrumental in creating a robust and competent healthcare ecosystem.

8) Monetary compensation by the state to people who lost their jobs during the pandemic would help reduce the adverse socioeconomic implications (in terms of increased economic burden of affected individuals which would directly impact physical, psychosocial and emotional well being as well-being)


Vedant Shekhar Jha

HIFA profile: Vedant Shekhar Jha is a Medical Cadet at the Armed Forces Medical College Pune, India. Professional interests: Palliative care, exploring unmet needs of cancer patients, the effective communication of health awareness. He is a HIFA catalyst on the HIFA working group on Maintaining essential health services during COVID-19.

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