EHS-COVID (420) Overview of second thematic discussion (10 May - 25 June)

24 June, 2021

Dear HIFA members

Thank you for your participation in this discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on maintaining essential health services. This thematic discussion has raised some important points, including related to how any future guidance can be adapted to the changing context of the pandemic.

In addition, this discussion has emphasised the broad ranging impact of the pandemic, including the disruption to maternal, child and reproductive services. This chimes with our own reporting from the EHS pulse survey (the results of which are now integrated into the HLH platform).

I look forward to the synthesis from this discussion in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you wish to review the previous HIFA action brief or further information as outlined above, please visit us at [*see note below]

Thank you again for your participation.

Sunny Khan

Project Lead, WHO COVID-19 HLH

HIFA profile: Sunny Khan is the Project Lead for the WHO COVID:19 Health Services Learning Hub. He has worked with WHO since 2016 on a range of technical projects related to health systems and primary healthcare. In addition, he is a practising primary care physician. He is a member of the HIFA-WHO working group on Maintaining essential healkth services during COVID-19.

khang AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Thanks Sunny. Here is a direct link to the HIFA action brief: This first action brief consolidates the collective intelligence of HIFA members from our first thematic discussion in November/December 2020. We are grateful to HIFA volunteer Gladson Vaghela and his team, who are now analysing our second thematic discussion, which concludes tomorrow.]