EHS-COVID (435) Webinar: The Struggles of Community Health Workers at the Covid Frontline: Essential but Unrecognised

16 July, 2021

I am forwarding this from the People's Health Movement Health Systems Thematic Circle. Would anyone like to represent HIFA at this event and share your observations with us afterwards? If you can help, contact


Webinar Alert! The Struggles of Community Health Workers at the Covid Frontline: Essential but Unrecognised

PHM Health Systems Thematic Circle cordially invites you to attend the webinar on "The struggles of Community Health Workers at the Covid frontline: Essential but Unrecognised". The concept note, webinar schedule and poster is attached.

Date: 20th July 2021 (Tuesday)

Time: 11 AM UTC/ 4:30 PM Indian/ 7 PM Manila/ 8 AM Rio de Janeiro/ 1 PM Cape Town

Zoom Link-


1. Surekha (ASHA Workers Union, CITU, India)- How Covid-19 exacerbated challenges faced by ASHAs of the national government-run Community Health Worker programme

2. Dickson Namsima (Senior CHW, Malawi)- Issues faced by CHWs during Covid, mobilization and advocacy for CHW safety and working conditions

3. Catia Calage (Community Health Agent from Brazil)- Community Health Agents in the Brazil’s Unified Health Systems (SUS)

4. Karl Briscoe (CEO, NAATSIHWP, Australia)- Lessons from the work of Australian Aboriginal Community Health Workers

5. Kate Lappin (Regional Secretary for Asia and Pacific Regional Office, PSI) & Banaani Deka (CHW campaign coordinator, PSI South Asia)- Gender and care work: Campaign demands and advocacy on CHWs

6. CHW speakers from PHM South Africa, Philippines & Columbia

Moderated by- Helen Schneider, University of Western Cape

We request you to please join us and share with your colleagues. Translation in Hindi will be provided. We are also working on providing interpretations/translations in Spanish and French and shall confirm soon.

Invite link on PHM website-


Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Community Health Workers

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