Essential Emergency and Critical Care

22 September, 2021

Hi all,

A consensus around Essential and Emergency Care (EECC) was published yesterday in BMJ Global Health.

The findings could be really useful for the care of critically ill patients globally, and it would be great to disseminate as widely as possible. See the press release here.

As we know, critical illness results in millions of deaths worldwide each year. Essential emergency and critical care (EECC) is the necessary lifesaving care of low cost and low complexity for these patients. Unfortunately, while there are critically ill patients in all hospital wards and units, this basic and effective care may often be overlooked. For example, in another recent study 89% of hypoxic patients in two hospitals in Malawi were not receiving oxygen.

EECC is an approach to assist priority settings for policy makers and clinicians to improve care. Implementing EECC has the potential to substantially reduce preventable deaths in hospitals.

In our study, clinical experts from 59 countries from low, middle and high-income settings reached consensus around the EECC package of 40 clinical processes and 67 hospital requirements for this care. It includes processes such as triage, monitoring, oxygen and intravenous fluids. In addition, clinical processes and hospital requirements for the care of critically ill patients with COVID-19 are specified.

Following this, we have initiated the EECC Network to bring people together around the world, share experiences and insights, stay updated and alerted about developments and findings related to EECC and share opportunities for implementation and knowledge generation. Please join the network.



Dr Tim Baker

Life Support Foundation

HIFA profile: Tim Baker is a Physician and Researcher in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. He is a member of faculty at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and has appointments at Ifakara Health Institute in Dar es Salaam and Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Tim’s interest is in global emergency and critical care, focusing on evaluating and improving health services and health systems for the provision of good quality care to critically ill patients in low-resource settings. tim.baker AT