Essential Emergency and Critical Care (5) (2) Guidance for caregivers

25 September, 2021

Dear Antje,

Thank you for your message from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. In relation to Medbox, you noted:

"Soon a toolbox will be put online especially for caregivers, I am curious."

Yes, me too. Caregivers is a term that is usually applied to the people who care for others in the home, and are typically family members with no professional training. Caregivers have particular information needs in order to make decisions and take actions that will protect the health of the person being cared for, including recognition of danger signs and how to seek help. Their information needs are part of the spectrum of needs of every person.

Meeting the healthcare information needs of the public is critical, especially where there are few health professionals. HIFA has always included this in our remit and we have a dedicated ongoing project on information for Citizens, families and children (noting that children are often caregivers and that they have an important role in health promotion).

I look forward to hear more generally about the information needs of caregivers and how these needs can be met, and specifically about Medbox's plans o have a caregiver toolbox.

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,