Ethiopia adopts a national open access policy

21 October, 2019

Extract below (with thanks to Margaret Winker/World Association of Medical Editors). Read in full online:

'A new national open access policy will transform research and education in Ethiopia – and now the work begins, writes EIFL guest blogger Dr Solomon Mekonnen Tekle

'In September, Ethiopia adopted a national open access policy for higher education institutions. EIFL guest blogger, Dr Solomon Mekonnen Tekle, librarian at Addis Ababa University Library, and EIFL Open Access Coordinator in Ethiopia, celebrates the adoption of the policy.

'The new national open access policy adopted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Ethiopia (MOSHE) will transform research and education in our country. The policy comes into effect immediately. It mandates open access to all published articles, theses, dissertations and data resulting from publicly-funded research conducted by staff and students at universities that are run by the Ministry - that is over 47 universities located across Ethiopia...'


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