Family Planning Issues in Africa

21 October, 2019

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One of the international food aid organizations has posted recently a photo of a Woman from DRC who is now an Ebola survivor and she is a mother of 7.

The post was to highlight how this global program is helping the still-recovering-woman and her poor hungry children, Which is quite a noble act for sure. However, I had to stop on the number of her children; 7 young children in a country that is not only suffering from a deadly outbreak but from other grave issues like conflicts and collapse of the health system. So why they are having so many children that they can't afford to feed or care for?

Has the family planning services/awareness in Africa faced a recent decline?

I'm certain the issue is not only in DRC, but in so many African Nations as well. Some of my colleagues are highlighting that even a subtle anti-family planning movements are going on different levels in some of the African nations that has already made some progress in addressing family planning and women's health issues.

We are proud that Africa has almost the largest population of youth in the world, but still, every new mouth needs quality health care, education, services, food, etc. and I'm afraid to say this is not available in a big number of African Nations with such population issues.

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Dr. Noha Salah. MBBCH, FETP, MPH

Public Health Specialist


HIFA Profile: Noha Salah (MBBCh, FETP, MPH) is a motivated and experienced public health professional with over 5 years expertise in the fields of public health, preventive medicine, social medicine, epidemiology and health policy. Noha has over 8 years experience as a qualified physician/ paediatrician in the areas of child's health, women's and maternal health in addition to 12 years experience in the domains of human development, humanitarian aids of vulnerable groups and global health as a volunteer medical student.

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