Free online course "Digital Collaborative Systems in Healthcare"

6 October, 2020

Dear Neil,

Our University developed a free online course which is very interesting for students from IT, medical students and also non-students. This course was financially supported by our government. It would be great if you could share it with the Hifa members.

"Digital Collaborative Systems in Healthcare"

You may switch to English language (on top) and register for free. The students may receive a certificate of participation from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Technische Hochschule Deggendorf), also for free.

Chapter 1

Types of Health Information Technology

Lecture 1: IT Infrastructure

Lecture 2: Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Lecture 3: Personal Health Record (PHR)

Lecture 4: Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Lecture 5: Medical Interaction Platforms

Lecture 6: Collaboration in Healthcare across Borders

Chapter 2

Use Cases of Application

Lecture 1: eHealth / mHealth

Lecture 2: Health Technology Infrastructure

Lecture 3: Telemedicine

Lecture 4: Ambient Assisted Living

Lecture 5: Teletherapy

Lecture 6: Telemonitoring

Chapter 3

Introduction to Big Data and eHealth

Lecture 1: Foundations of Big Data

Lecture 2: Data Classification

Lecture 3: Data Analytics in eHealth

What awaits you in this course?

The Digital Collaborative Course in Healthcare is a preparatory course for students who will apply for the Bachelor Health Informatics and the Master Medical Informatics courses at the Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, European Campus in Pfarrkirchen or any other student interested in the topic. The students who will apply for those Bachelor and Master courses are from all over the world. In order to get a first impression and to get familiar with part of the lectures, they will be able to study this preparatory course. As digital collaborative systems in healthcare are important for students from other courses (e.g. Medicine, Public Health, Global Health etc.) this Open VHB course will allow students, no matter where they study, to get a better understanding about the topic.

What can you learn in this course?

Students who will finish the course "Digital Collaborative Systems in Healthcare" will be familiar with the foundations of health information technology, applications of digital collaborative systems in healthcare and Basics of Big Data. The knowledge gained will allow a better understanding of digital healthcare and its application in different settings.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards


Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer (LLB hons)


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