GHCR Report - NTD Elimination: A Foundation in Compassion

4 November, 2021

Now available! Global Health Compassion Rounds: The movement to eliminate NTDs

The movement to eliminate NTDs: Successes & challenges of a foundation in compassion

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This Global Health Compassion Rounds explored dimensions of compassion in the NTD community through an impassioned conversation with persons affected by NTDs, NTD experts from around the world, and global public health authorities.

Thank You to Our Panelists!

Jonathan King, Team Lead, Community & Primary Care Based Interventions, Dept. of Control of NTDs, World Health Organization

"Now is the time to demonstrate commitment to this cause, and through that, reflect the compassion we feel and what drives us to eliminate these diseases."

Uche Amazigo, Retired Director, African Programme for Onchocerciasis

"The whole NTD world has formed a strong partnership, and compassion is a thread that runs through their actions. Awareness of the suffering of the poor and empathy underline their day-to-day and year-to-year actions."

Suma Krishnasastry, Professor of Medicine & Director of Filariasis Research Unit, Government Medical College, Alappuzha, India

"You cannot just treat the patient and not have emotional resonance. And compassion alone also will not be enough. We should always have clinical excellence along with compassion."

Mathias Duck, Global Advocacy Manager, Leprosy Mission International

"We [need to] continue to listen, and grow our awareness, empathy, and humility. This is something that I've been learning for myself, and I've tried to encourage other people to do."

Girija Sankar, Vice Chair, NTD NGO Network; Head of NTDs, Catholic Blind Mission

"While I understand the intense pain, suffering, and stigma caused by NTDs, it is empathy of shared feelings, not just of pain and suffering, but also of joy and merriment that guides my everyday work."

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