GHSP: Top 10 resources in global surgery (2)

5 October, 2020

Neil asked: "A resource is only useful if it can be accessed. Would anyone like to volunteer to assess which of these resources are freely available online?"

Dear Dr. Neil,

Answering to your request, I have volunteered to check whether the top 10 resources on Global Surgery are open/free/restricted access.

I have enlisted my findings - whether the material is open access or not, next to the resources name. Kindly find it below.

1. Surgery and Global Health: A View from Beyond the OR : Open Access

2. Global Surgery 2030: Free Access

3. Cost-Effectiveness of Surgery in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review: A Systematic Review. Subscription based

4. WHO Surgical Safety Checklist : Open Access. Additions and modifications to fit local practice are encouraged.

5. Global Burden of Disease data (2017): Free Access

6. World Bank Development Indicators : Open access

7. Disease Control Priorities (DCP3) : Open access

8. Global Surgery: An Introduction: Free access

9. WHO Surgical Care Systems Strengthening: Developing National Surgical, Obstetric, and Anaesthesia Plans to highlight the importance of NSOAPs and the progress made in selected countries around the world: Open access

10. The Checklist Effect, a 2015 documentary by the Lifebox Foundation: Free Access

Thanking you,

Gladson Vaghela

HIFA profile: Gladson Vaghela is a Medical Student at the GMERS Medical College Gandhinagar, India and has a professional interest in medicine. He is a HIFA volunteer Email address: gladsonsamuel75 AT