GHSP: Top 10 resources in global surgery (3) What practical resources do you recommend for surgery?

5 October, 2020

Dear Gladson,

Thank you so much for taking on this volunteer task on our behalf.

The good news is that all but one of the 'top 10' global surgery resources are open access, or at least free access.

I reviewed the original article:

The authors write: 'Because of the growing interest in global surgery, momentum in this emerging field, and the importance of global surgery in the training of health professionals, we aimed to summarize the top resources in global surgery to orient readers to the field.'

When I first read this article, I expected to see resources that are directly relevant and useful for a practising surgeon, particularly in diffferent settings in the global south. But I misunderstood the purpose of the article, which in fact provides only one practical resource (WHO Surgical Safety Checklist). The other nine resources are analytical perspectives on global surgery metrics, data and definitions.

For those looking for practical guidance for surgery, perhaps a good starting point is the WHO manual 'Surgical Care at the District Hospital - The WHO Manual', which is freely available in several languages.

I'd be interested to hear from HIFA members who are working in surgical specialties. What practical resources do you use and would recommend to others?

Best wishes, Neil

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