Hand hygiene campaign day- 5 May 2020

1 May, 2020

Dear all,

We are just a few days away from hand hygiene campaign day- 5 May 2020!

The slogan for this year is “Nurses and Midwives, clean care is in your hands!”

In alignment with the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife (https://www.who.int/news-room/campaigns/year-of-the-nurse-and-the-midwif...), the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 2020 (https://www.who.int/infection-prevention/campaigns/clean-hands/en/) campaign recognizes the critical role of nurses and midwives in infection, prevention & control and hand hygiene practices, to protect all patients. The current pandemic underscores the importance of nurses, midwives and other health workers in the public health emergency response alongside maintaining quality essential health services.

Engage in the hand hygiene campaign by promoting and sharing your pictures and videos with the WHO GLL team (GLL4QUHC@who.int). The Global Newsletter from the Infection Prevention and Control team at WHO, highlighting ways you can get involved in the campaign is attached. The newsletter also has links to a wide range of technical resources on IPC that is critical to quality of care.

We salute all nurses, midwives and health workers!

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