Health education: Empowering versus disempowering

14 December, 2019

With thanks to Alberto Fernandez and HIFA-Spanish.

Alberto refers us to an interesting blog (in Spanish):

One point from the blog is particularly interesting and relates to health education. I would like to share it here for discussion:

"Es muy importante entender que el tipo de educación que utilicemos, las herramientas educativas, la metodología puede servir para dar poder o puede servir para todo lo contrario."

"It is very important to understand that the type of education we use, the educational tools, the methodology can serve to empower or can serve the opposite."

Food for thought...

The blog seems to see advantages in a 'social change' approach and disadvantages in a 'behaviour change' approach. It links to the full text of David Werner and Bill Bower's book, Aprendido a promover la salud (2nd edition 1990).

I suspect that 'empowerment' has many possible interpretations and many determinants. Can anyone suggest examples of health education approaches that are especially empowering or, conversely, disempowering?

Best wishes, Neil

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