Health education: Empowering versus disempowering (8)

18 December, 2019

I have found using traditional creative communication methods we avoid the trap of falling back on the default position, of passing on information without helping communities to think through consequences or process their worldview and cultural traditions.

Critical thinking is lacking in many overcrowded schools and places of learning.

If we use drama dance song debate and discussions we can avoid the lecture/ telling style and return to healthy dialogue, sharing and debating respectfully various viewpoints. Empowering communities to listen learn process and think through the consequences of adapting to new information will create a sustainable shift of thinking over generations. I believe passing on health information should be about understanding rather than information that is styled toward passing exams.

Marg Docking

Executive Director

Wise Choices for Life

The vision of Wise choices for Life is to see thriving communities where every child is born into a caring, healthy and loving family

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HIFA profile: Marg Docking is founder and director of Wise Choices for Life, which empowers vulnerable men and women in the child bearing age group in Uganda with reproductive health knowledge and skills to break the poverty cycle. marg AT