Hesperian's Vaccine Fact Sheet now in new languages!

2 July, 2021

Hesperian just released our fact sheet on COVID-19 Vaccines https://en.hesperian.org/hhg/COVID-19_Vaccines in new languages! The Vaccines https://en.hesperian.org/hhg/COVID-19_Vaccines fact sheet helps health workers and community leaders explain how the vaccines work and addresses people’s common concerns about the vaccines and their safety and is now available in Spanish, French, Marathi, North Ndebele, Portuguese, and Khmer.

Please email translations@hesperian.org if you can help translate this fact sheet into other languages!

HIFA profile: Vanessa Tran is Communications and Outreach Associate at the Hesperian Health Guides U.S.A. vanessa AT hesperian.org