HIFA needs your help and advice on fundraising (4)

4 May, 2020

Dear Julie

Thanks a lot for your time to put this interesting list of ideas. I would like also to build on yours with the following:

1- advertizing HIFA by famous actors or players. These short ad could go viral on social media.

2- There are many paid short online tasks (writing, editing, translation,...) that HIFA members could volunter to do and its payment goes to HIFA.

3- Make use of social media money. For example, single YouTube vedio seen 20 k times, could generate 100 $. So HIFA could dissminate its messages and at same time generate small income by making informative short video. Same applied for other social media platforms.

4- I also suggested to Neil, the possibility of having optional membership to join HIFA, like 1 or 5 or 10 $ per month. HIFA will remain free of course, but such optional membership could enhance HIFA finanacial independency, as we exceed 20 k members.

Thanks again for the great effort and sorry for any writing mistake as I used small screen of my mobile.


Dr Hasanin Nassrullah


HIFA profile: Hasanain Nassrullah is a medical doctor with master degree in musculoskeletal science from UCL in London, and previous certificate in public health from Liverpool University. He had been working for many International and UN agencies in Iraq, and appointed recently as director of orthopedic center in Basrah, Iraq. hassaneinhadi at yahoo.co.uk