HIFA needs your help and advice on fundraising (6)

4 May, 2020

Dear Dr Nassrullah,

Thank you for your feedback (HIFA needs your help and advice on fundraising (4)) - it's great to see that you've added some more ideas to the list!

The full list of possible fundraising avenues may help other organisations, as well as HIFA, so I hope others keep making suggestions as well.

Your first idea is an interesting one - I think you're asking that we get some social influencers on board in order to increase interest in HIFA? I'm on the HIFA Social Media Working Group and I'll take the idea to them for consideration. Do you have any specific people in mind?

And yes, I agree - there are probably many ways in which individual members of HIFA could help us raise funds through a little voluntary effort. Hopefully these can be explored in discussions here on the forum.

As yet, HIFA doesn't have a great number of videos on its youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmD3VMxPQVtBnUyx2gWcL7Q), and given a lack of resources this is a challenge.

You'll see there that there are a couple of videos from Jackeline Alger and myself titled "Why did I join HIFA" (Jackeline's is also available in Spanish). It would be great to increase the number of these, so please contact Neil if you're interested in telling others why you joined HIFA (we have a standard template and each video has been produced by HIFA member and volunteer Ben Nicholls). We all have a story to tell.

As a reminder to you and to other HIFA members, here are HIFA's social media details. Please like, follow, share etc and ask colleagues to do likewise:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HIFA2015/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HIFAdotORG/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/healthcare-information-for-all-hifa/

Twitter: @hifa_org

Website: www.hifa.org

Best wishes


HIFA profile: Julie N Reza is a UK-based specialist in communications for biosciences, global health & international development (www.globalbiomedia.co.uk). She predominantly works with NGOs and not-for-profit organisations. Previously she was the senior science editor at TDR, based at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva; prior to this she worked at the Wellcome Trust, UK, leading educational projects on international health topics including trypanosomiasis and trachoma. She has a PhD in immunology and a specialist degree in science communication. She also has several years research and postgraduate teaching experience. She is a member of the HIFA Steering Group and HIFA Social Media Working Group. www.hifa.org/people/steering-group



Email: naimareza AT hotmail.com