HIFA News: WAME encourages all medical journals to provide abstracts in the language of the location where the research took place (2)

27 January, 2020

It’s great that WAME has taken a stand on the need for journal editors to facilitate publication of translated abstracts.


Some journals are already working on this and it would be very valuable to have a list of the ones that have defined sustainable ways of arranging for translations and publishing them, and are doing it on a regular basis. I wonder if WAME could survey its members and establish this list.

It would certainly help in making these initiative known to authors as well. Some may be unaware of editors’ willingness to go the extra step. And at the end of the day, publishers/editors need authors as much as authors need them. If demand for translations on the authors’ part increases, supply should increase as well. Authors have a role to play in increasing that demand.

What do HIFA members think of this?

All the best,


HIFA profile: Anne Roca is a Global Advisor on Research Uptake and Learning at Sightsavers in the UK. Sightsavers is a global development organization doing research and implementing projects on eye health, NTDs, social inclusion, and education around the world. Before joining Sightsavers, Anne was a Senior Editor for The Lancet Global Health for over 3 years. Her experience also includes working for the Pan American Health Organization for almost 10 years, as a Technical Advisor on topics related to epidemiology, multilingual information dissemination, and knowledge management. She was also an independent consultant for several years, assisting researchers, NGOs and other institutions in sharing the product of research through writing, editing, and management of information. She holds a Master's degree in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Multilingualism.



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