HIFA in university graduate curriculum

25 March, 2020

Dear colleagues,

just to announce that, in order to make HIFA more known among Croatian health professionals, HIFA will now be made an obligatory part of the curriculum for the graduate-level course "Public Health and Health Promotion", which forms a big part of the MSc programme "Management in Nursing" at the University North in Croatia where I teach.

This will result in a number of nursing students and professionals joining HIFA. My plan is not only to try them actively engaged in discussions, but also to discuss the network as a part of their obligatory seminars.

In addition, I've also organized International HPV Awareness Day (in collaboration with International Papillomavirus Society) at the beginning of March at my University where I highlighted HIFA in my presentation, and in the future I plan to provide even more information in my future courses and events.

I wish you all the best during these unimaginable times.

Kind regards,


HIFA profile: Tomislav Mestrovic is a medical doctor and a clinical microbiologist with a PhD in biomedical sciences, and an Assistant Professor at Croatia's youngest public university, University North. He is also passionately invested in global health communication, health literacy, science journalism and science diplomacy. Tomislav was appointed by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia as a Managing Committee Member to COST Action on evidence-based medicine run by the European Union. He holds several positions in international societies that resulted in many volunteering initiatives. Email address: tomislav.mestrovic AT gmail.com