Important message from the HIFA Coordinator: a request for help from HIFA members (6)

4 December, 2019

Dear colleagues,

As members of HIFA over the last ten years, we have found the forums to be a valuable way of connecting with topics and people that we care about within the global health community. And it is quite effortless due to the dedication and commitment of Neil and others on the HIFA team.

We always enthusiastically support this effort. If others in our membership of 20,000 feel the same way and send in a small contribution, collectively -- we can greatly increase HIFA’s impact.

With kind regards,


Deborah Van Dyke, Director

Tel/WhatsApp: +1.802.595.9606

Skype: deborahvandyke

HIFA profile: Deborah Van Dyke is the Founder and Director of Global Health Media Project, an organization producing videos that bring to life critical health care information for providers and populations in low-resource settings. Capitalizing on advances in ICT will enable distribution worldwide at lower cost via the Internet and mobile devices. She is a family practice clinician with extensive experience with MSF/Doctors Without Borders, based in the US. deb AT