THIS Institute's podcasts on health improvement studies

14 October, 2020

HIFA members may be interested in a number of podcasts by THIS Institute.

While THIS Institute's goal "is to create a world-leading scientific asset for the [UK] NHS about how to improve quality and safety in healthcare" those who work in health services in other countries may find this informative.

Episodes in their "Listen to THIS" series of podcasts include:

Episode 1: Communicating and disseminating research

Episode 2: Quality improvement in different healthcare systems

Episode 3: Tackling the ethical challenges faced by doctors

Episode 4: Engaging the public, patients, and staff in healthcare improvement studies

Episode 5: Simulation in healthcare improvement research

Episode 6: Exploring the potential of citizen science


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HIFA profile: Julie N Reza is a UK-based specialist in communications for biosciences, global health & international development ( She predominantly works with NGOs and not-for-profit organisations. Previously she was the senior science editor at TDR, based at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva; prior to this she worked at the Wellcome Trust, UK, leading educational projects on international health topics including trypanosomiasis and trachoma. She has a PhD in immunology and a specialist degree in science communication. She also has several years research and postgraduate teaching experience. She is a member of the HIFA Steering Group and HIFA Social Media Working Group.

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