International Snakebite Awareness Day - September 19

1 October, 2020

Dear all,

On September 19 the International Snakebite Awareness Day was commemorated. In 2018, this annual commemoration was initiated to disseminate information about this ignored health and social problem. In 2020, the campaign is focused in the work that champion women across the globe carry out in communities, in hospitals, in laboratories and in research centers. Then the WOMEN CHAMPIONS OF SNAKEBITE (WCOS) campaign was officially launched on September 19 and since then every day there has been exciting communications using different social media platforms to share impressive stories.

You can visit the platform that is displaying important information, women champion from every continent, a profile of every participant including their contributions. Also there are community resources and access to the documentary Minutes to Die from the Director James Reid.

Please, visit the site and share the stories and resources.



Jackeline Alger, MD, PhD

Servicio de Parasitologia

Departamento de Laboratorio Clinico

Hospital Escuela Universitario

Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS

HIFA profile: Jackeline Alger works in the Parasitology Service, Department of Clinical Laboratories, Hospital Escuela Universitario, and at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is a Country Representative for HIFA and CHIFA and is the 2-time holder of HIFA Country Representative of the Year Award 2015 and 2018.

Email: jackelinealger AT