Introduction: Aditi Malhotra - writer/researcher on Epilepsy @ Hesperian Health Guides

3 June, 2021


My name is Aditi (uh-dit-tee) Malhotra (mull-ho-tra). I'm a journalist, writer and educator currently leading an editorial project on epilepsy and seizures at Hesperian Health Guides. My appreciation and gratitude for this opportunity to be connected with all of you in the HIFA community. At Hesperian, we're developing new resources on seizures and epilepsy to increase awareness and support better services and treatment for people worldwide. Our goal is to create accessible, practical and accessible information and training about epilepsy and seizures, including people with limited or no formal education or medical training.

My own training is in journalism and enterprise editorial management. My journalistic work has been published in the Huffington Post, the Hechinger Report, PBS Newshour, the Wall Street Journal,, among others. I was born and raised in India and my research, reporting and writing has taken me to several parts of the Indian subcontinent. More recently, I've been based in the United States. I love writing and speaking in Hindi and Punjabi and am trying to read more in these two languages.

In addition to epilepsy and seizures, I'm interested in chasing stories that are about and show human and community resilience, the intersections between education, health and gender equity, migration and identity. I'm also interested in exploring and understanding links and connections between human psychological functions and the physical body.

I look forward to learning-in-community!



Aditi Malhotra (she/her)

Writer/Researcher, Epilepsy & Seizures

@ Hesperian Health Guides

Berkeley, CA | @Hesperian

Current time zone: PST (GMT-8)

Knowledge for all. Action for health.

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