Introduction, Amer Sattar, Guinea - HIS and health systems strengthening

30 June, 2020

Hi! I am Amer Sattar, a medical doctor turned entrepreneur, and subsequently active as a public health expert in West Africa. As a Country Director in Guinea during the West African ebola epidemic, and through experience in health systems strengthening and HIS projects, I have developed a model for end-to-end HIS and health systems strengthening in Africa (and elsewhere). I am interested in promoting this model in partnership with other organisations or individuals with a similar holistic approach.

Our proposed intervention involves infrastructure, digitisation of patient management and health reporting, improved central and peripheral data management, AI and ML, training, and full ownership of the entire system by local stakeholders. I believe that the traditional "pillar approach" is not only inefficient, but actually weakens health systems in developing countries, and needs to be replaced by a new vision of integrated health systems strengthening (even if certain individual actors remain focussed on their respective "pillars").

I hope to get some traction for our vision through HIFA and other platforms in the wake of the (first wave of) the Covid-19 pandemic, which has again laid bare the weakness of health systems in Africa faced with repeated and continuous threats to public health. I believe the time for change is now, while funders are both painfully aware of the situation and open to innovative new approaches.

I look forward to interacting with other HIFA members on how to effect lasting positive change.


Amer Sattar

Director - COLOSS S.A.

HIFA profile: Amer Sattar is an independent Consultant HSS/HIS, Guinea, Health Systems Strengthening in Africa, Community Health, Health Information Systems. a_sattar AT